The Better Man.

To my Father Rev. George Adams Jr.

Never have I known a man who was willing to go without so that his family could receive more. To know your story and have watched you stand with courage on the promises of God as you preached His word to the multitudes, has given me great strength, Honor, and abiding gratification, to be recognized as your son! You have always told me we must “Be Ready” for God’s plan in our lives and I can’t thank you enough for preparing me in life, no matter what may come my way. You have and always will be the Man of God that our family will choose to follow. Without you, I wouldn’t know love, fame, or anything about what it means to Honor God with everything in my possession. As your Best Man, I promise to be all that God will allow me to be because you would expect nothing else, other than to give up who I am and continuously allow God to use me; not with complaints when things seem indurate and never giving up, but by following God willingly until the end! So I thank you, for teaching me more than i could’ve ever learned in a lifetime and may God continue to anoint you and take you higher in His love.


Your son.

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